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  |  31 Oct 2010

A new chapter in Nashville & a new CD

I’m in the midst of working on a new CD.
What else would one expect from a full-time (FT) musician? Interestingly enough, this FT job means we must wear all the hats required of running a business while balancing being creatively inspired at all times, with managing the accounts department. I spent the early years of my ‘business’ hoping I connected the right dots. In some ways mindful that this plan was a business model and therefore must take on the lifespan of a product. Thanks to the skills I had picked up, I was equipped to do the photography, design marketing materials, work with the PR folks, produce the shows … in my humblest opinion, all in a rudimentary sort of way.

My musician friends were always concerned I spent too much time on the business and not spend enough on the music. Through the years I learnt to turn on the creative tap when I needed to. I learnt that managing oneself required that one could somehow compartmentalize the work into time slots. ‘Somehow’ being the operative word.

2010 began with NAMM in Anaheim where I met a wonderful group of people I documented in my articles on Sonicfreakz. I also visited Mike Brunt, a good friend of mine who has inspired me with his energy for life, and who hosted my very first house concert. Bill Stewart, an old friend from Melbourne suggested I write a Greek Tragedy (but a humorous version based on ‘my life’.) Mike and Bill were part of my initial adventures with Sonicfreakz in 2009.

Thanks to Chris Lim and Boon Kiat Ong of Sonicfreakz I have a great opportunity to continue my love for writing about new people and places. My last writing assignment was for the Arts magazine (Singapore) covering such artists as Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk and Richard Einhorn as well as reviewing various styles of concerts.

When I made a trip to Singapore to perform on the theremin with string quartet, Artsylum, in June, I pulled out my arrangement skills and created eight shows at the Esplanade that I truly enjoyed along with all who turned up! I made new friends and fans of the many visitors to Singapore. I also gained a bunch of friends from Singapore Poly; thanks to Michael Spicer, an old and trusted friend from my Electric Muse days who lectures there. These students, some whom are from the UK and are now my FB friends sat patiently while I delivered an informal talk on the music business.

I moved to Nashville, yes I did. Those of you who followed the series Prelude to a journey into the 3rd coast with me and keyboardist, Tom Brislin would have a fair idea why this city is such a great place.
I am working on new music in Nashville and expect this vibrant city to be a major part of many good ideas. This is a new chapter in my career and I am embracing it with glee.
Good friend Dawn Martinez (whom I met in Dallas) has been a un-failing support. Thanks also to Xenovibes partner, John Martinez for his invaluable contribution to Xenovibes, the concept that began life in Singapore when I was plotting a dream that would encompass some of my music.
I let a few things drop due to my new commitments. Please do not be upset with me. There are only 24hours in one day and only so much one person can do. Right now, my commitment is to this new chapter.

I shall reveal more of my motivation for this new chapter in posts to come.  Stay tuned for the next update. Thanks to all who have kept me on the straight and narrow; you know who you are!