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  |  09 Dec 2010

New Single “I’m leaving you a message”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 9th 2010
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Shueh-li's new single "I'm leaving you a message"
Written, performed, recorded, produced, lyrics by Shueh-li Ong. Photo & coverart by S Ong

“Australian-born Singapore recording artist, Shueh-li Ong (pronounced Shelley) releases a new single ‘I’m leaving you a message’ after retreating to her Nashville home studio, Summer of 2010. Best known for the way she melds electronic-pop-rock-jazz genres in her song-writing and production, ‘Singapore’s 1st & only diva of the theremin’ (Straits Times) weaves in the sci-fi instrument with synths, piano, the guqin and playful use of auto-tuning in a song that tells the story of an individual disconnected from a relationship and life while fixated on another his phone offers.

This single is available on iTunes, AmazonMp3 Reverbnation and other major digital distribution channels.”


For my fans and supporters

“Thanks to all for being a part of this and congratulations to the winners! I had a great time playing a real piano in this song, as well as having my guqin appear once again; I concentrated on the theremin and tin-whistle in my last CD. Nashville is surrounded by amazing song and lyric writers. They inspired me to make my story-telling more colloquial and less cryptic; to take time to tell a story. In this song, my voice emotes as the story-teller rather than heavily effected as I have often done in the past.
I hope you enjoy ‘I’m leaving you a message’ as much as I have enjoyed producing it and, keep a look out for my next song!” ~ Shueh-li


Instruments : voice, theremin, guqin, piano, synths.
Thanks to Miktek for the use of the C7 and C5 condensers, and Westone for the in-ears used for monitoring.

Lyrics :

Chorus ~ Interference, you are a bad connection, Like a droplet in a waterfall
Drowning my voice in your noise

Verse 1 ~ I sit next to you while you stare at your hand, I try to talk to you but I’m not getting anywhere
Something or somebody’s always caught in my way, I’m leaving you a message “see you one fine day!”

Verse 2 ~ I try to make polite, our conversation, About what you’re doing, and the music that you play
But when the phone rings; you are lost in your own world, I’m leaving you a message “see you one fine day!”

Bridge ~ Whenever I’m with you, you stare at your phone, or someone’s on their way, you’ve got to get home, But whenever I call, I have to ‘leave my number at the tone’
You tell me that your world revolves around me, yet whenever I call, you’re not on the line for me, I see

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