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  |  30 Apr 2011

Music video, Webcast and May!

April came and went with such haste … along with the tornadoes that rushed through Tennessee; the sirens that ripped through the air, the gushing winds and pictures of its unpleasant aftermath, firmly imprinted in my mind. Should I tell you the story in a song?

11th April — ‘Deja vu-Love voodoo’ the music video

I released the music video of my 2nd single “Dejavu-Love voodoo”, about two and a half weeks after the single was made available online. I bit the bullet and upgraded my macbookpro to a quad-core, bought Final Cut Express, gave myself two weeks to learn the program and, voila!

27th April — webcast on Ustream & simulcast on radio program Time Drone

Jack Hertz of TimeDrone and I came together to do a 2-hour program about my music that would be simulcast on my UStream channel.

We began preparations the Saturday before the simulcast. Then everyday at midday starting Monday.  Amidst all that techy stuff, we discussed issues related to electronic music and the business of music in this day and age.
I setup my performance area to accommodate the camera used to video-skype, on my old macbookpro. This was positioned about 5ft in front of me; the theremin almost touching my midi controller to keep within the frame. The new macbookpro was used for ustream chat and to run Mainstage2, and situated on top of the piano to my left. My performance (including talk back mic) was mixed down and fed directly into the line-in of the macbookpro running skype. No compression or  effects were used other than a little delay for the tin-whistle & voice.
Jack deftly configured skype (where we would voice chat), sending the video and audio signal into a mixer, his microphone (since he was the host), input from WinAmp playing tracks from my CD, video titling and graphics. All streamed via my where I got to chat with 55 unique visitors watching the show!
The channel has  received 155 views (figure taken on 4th May) and where the session is archived if you missed it! The audio was then broadcast through where at least 20 more people tuned in; the podcast downloadable from

deja vu video screenshotAll in a few days’ work. Thanks to those who tuned in and to Westone, Moog, Miktek, the guys at Apple. And now, I welcome the month of May, as I begin writing my next song and continue planning my performance itinerary. Send me a message if you’d like be to play in your city.

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