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  |  22 Mar 2011

New Single “Deja vu-Love voodoo”..

Written, performed, recorded, produced, lyrics, photo and coverart by Shueh-li Ong


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A silly little love song from Australian-born Singapore recording artist, Shueh-li Ong that speaks volumes about the attraction of love but in plain language, Deja vu-Love voodoo is her 2nd single since her move to Nashville last year. I’m leaving you a message her 1st, marked a new chapter in her musical adventure and came after writing and producing three CDs, and, touring and performing under the Xenovibes concept. Shueh-li (pronounced Shelley) took a break from melding electronic-pop-rock-jazz, to write a little ditty about an age-old topic.

If you’re expecting the ethereal theremin and plucky guqin along with exotic synth hooks and rich vocal harmonies from Shueh-li’s magical mind’s eye, you won’t be disappointed. These colors have been lovingly sewn into a ballad that is sans time and demographic, just like a love song should. It’s about a girl, who has become a modern woman searching for her childhood ideal man. Asked why a love song, she says why not with a smile; “It’s such a happy subject. Everyone should write a love song!”

This single is available on iTunes, AmazonMp3 Reverbnation and other major digital distribution channels.

“2011 began with an afternoon at KKUP with host Don Campau and an improv session with Jack Hertz of in San Francisco, and a trip back to Singapore to perform a house concert on Chinese New Year, and to line up projects to come. While in Singapore, I posted a video clip of the unfinished Deja vu-Love voodoo as a Valentine’s Day gift on youtube channel Oceanachine The moment I returned to America, I got back into the studio. I am happy to say, the song is now complete!

Deja vu-Love voodoo is a Fan Exclusive Download Click on Free Song in the Tunecore widget above for a short time only to thank you for your support of my work! Please pass this along to friends and family who might enjoy the song.” ~ Shueh-li



Verse 1 – I used to bury my head in my pillow, and picture a face from the furrow
Someone who’d share my idea of love, like in a fairytale (strange stuff)
I’m what you call a modern woman, I can run rings around some men
Fairytales aren’t for the faint hearted, don’t even try to get me started (try to get me started)

Chorus – But you’re solid as a rock Deeper than the ocean Braver than the wind
But, solid as a rock You’re my deja vu Who needs love voodoo

Verse 2 – I need to get off this locomotion (get off this locomotion)
Trust no one showing a predilection (to play with my heart)
When things unravel I pick me up, put on a smile on my face (strange stuff)
I am what you call a cautious woman (I slow the pace)
If there is magic it won’t be broken (when we’re face to face)
Fairytales aren’t for the faint hearted, don’t even try to get me started (try to get me started)


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Thanks to Miktek for the use of the C7 and C5 condensers, and Westone for the in-ears used for monitoring.