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  |  14 Jun 2011

New Single “Leave Me In Stasis”

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Written, performed, recorded, produced by Shueh-li Ong. On piano, Tom Brislin.
Photo & coverart by S Ong.

A piano and tin whistle couple in quiet contemplation, leading to a theremin and orchestra fury before ending with prog-pop energy. All in the hands of Australian-born Singapore recording artist, Shueh-li Ong.
When the Singapore Business Times remarked that Shueh-li ”isn’t a one-trick pony” they had a inkling of  exciting moments still to emerge from this multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer.
If you are familiar with her work with Xenovibes, you’d probably have witnessed the show which is the representative style of her classical-music tech training in deep conversation with her Australian-Asian heritage. 
This demure but dynamic lady could sing you a beautiful song before launching into some prog-fusion number leaving you wondering what other tricks she has up her sleeve.

Shueh-li (pronounced Shelley) continues to respond to what her fans expect; that she push her envelope. “Leave Me In Stasis” is the 3rd single since her move to Nashville last year to begin a new chapter in her musical adventure (Deja vu-Love voodoo the 2nd single.)
This instrumental piece highlights the theremin and tin whistle in solo, while fellow keyboardist and well known figure in the prog music world, Tom Brislin, makes a guest appearance on piano.

I’m a flower you’re the bee
You dance around and tease me
When you’re done you fly to places
Leaving me in stasis