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  |  08 Aug 2011

New Single – Music video “A Working Title”

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Written, performed, recorded, produced by Shueh-li Ong.
Photo & coverart by S Ong.

In a career that has spanned three albums and countless show productions, Australian-born Singapore recording artist, Shueh-li Ong is undoubtedly best known for layering theremins, tin-whistles, guqin, exotic synth and vocal lines, to create bombastic productions.

This composer-producer has written everything from ballads to fusion-pop, theatrical soundscapes to prog-rock, showcasing her fresh yet poignant brand of ancient art meets new technology/east meets west sound.

So it is a treat when she strips down all grandeur to expose her voice in lyrics of cryptic imagery.
Accompanied by the double bass and rhodes piano, Shueh-li’s new single “A Working Title” is released concurrently with a music video filmed and edited by her, featuring artwork by friends from divergent artistic backgrounds much like herself.
Shueh-li loves to incite inquiry into her music, and only the listener will know if she has left something unusual in “A Working Title” to discover!

Verse 1 – I take the fall then catch myself
My needs are important too, but so are you
Can’t make up my mind whom to be true
I oscillate between the two, when I think of you
… Then you notice that you miss me, I’m etched into your mind

Chorus – Our sentence is delivered, Guilty as charged
Of trying to steal a working title

Verse 2 – When teardrops fall, I catch my breath
My needs are important too, but so are you
I got to think of happy times
Forgetting that you crossed the line, isn’t such a crime
… And you wonder why you miss me, Each time we say goodbye


M"A Working Title" new single/music videousic Video “A Working Title” – artwork on clipboard segment contributed by (in order of appearance) :
William Stewart (Photos), Margie Nugent/Will Cook (Body Artist/Photographer; model Jessica Mellow), and Mike Brunt (Paintings). Shueh-li (digital design on pictures of self).