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  |  29 Nov 2011

Show/video shoot @ Art Institute CA


29th Nov 7pm

I had a wonderful time performing for the students of the video school. The show was recorded by the class led by Gerald T Olson (producer/director of films Dumb & Dumber, Repo Man, Rapid Fire etc).
Gerry tells me he has a collection of films featuring the theremin but never saw it played live til that night. Thank you for the opportunity, Gerry!

Thanks to Jack Hertz and Robert Edgar for putting this together, good friend Bill Stewart for his invaluable assistance and Dr Christina Ri (Director AI digital video dept) for having me there. Thanks to my “posse” for turning up to support me!

Pics 29 Nov 2011 © Shueh-li Ong. Taken by Jack Hertz.

Shueh-li Ong
Shueh-li Ong

Thanks Gordie and thanks for making it to the concert! I am hoping to return sooner than later to do another :)

Gordie Freedman
Gordie Freedman

It was really great to hear and see you play, so many highlights, the "unplugged" version with your vocals my favorite, but really hard to pick one :-). Come back soon, have a great and safe trip to NZ!