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  |  14 Aug 2012

New CD “A Working Title – special edition”

Singles recorded 2010-12 :
1. I’m Leaving You A Message  (lyrics)*
2. Deja Vu – Love Voodoo (lyrics/video)*
3. Leave Me In Stasis (lyrics/video)*/**
4. A Working Title (lyrics/video)
5. My Summertime Dream (lyrics/video)*
6. Ice Rain (lyrics/video)*
7. A Working Title- Da Capo*/**

From Xing Paths 2009 :
8. Maire**
9. Fantasy (Caravan of Dreams)
10. Sweet Talker
11. Black Card Circle**


“A Working Title – special edition” BUY online!
Written, recorded, performed, produced by Shueh-li Ong. Released 4th August 2012 at her concert in Nashville (Nashville Scene Critic’s Pick).

*Tracks with theremin. ** Instrumentals – theremin &/or synth &/or tin whistle. The rest are sung songs.
Guest artists : Tom Brislin (piano) on track 3, Dean Parks (guitar) on tracks 8, 9 & 11, Curtis Randall (bass) on tracks 8 & 10, John A Martinez (drums) on tracks 8-11, Mike Brunt (spoken words) track 6.


“A Working Title – special edition” is songwriter, synthesist, vocalist and thereminist Shueh-li Ong’s long awaited 4th album written in Nashville.

Ong aka Singapore’s diva of the theremin layers the sci-fi instrument, ethnic and exotic synth hooks to create “sophisticated pop that fuses Eastern and Western music influences into a seamless whole; that only an exceptional talent can pull off,” remarks Evolution of Music USA.

Ong relocated to Nashville from Dallas two years ago to focus on lyric-writing and the further development of technical repertoire for her use on the theremin.
 She is one in a rare few who writes for the instrument played without tactile feedback. “The theremin’s complete control over frequency and amplitude still attracts the occasional techie or adventurous musician. Shueh-li falls comfortably into either,” ~ said The Nashville Scene who voted her recent concert a Critic’s Pick.

This Australian-born Singapore artist records and produces her own material and had primarily written and performed for theatre and staged events in Singapore before penning her first CD for Xenovibes the concept/band in 2003, and moving to America in 2005.
A Working Title – special edition offers an insight into her style as it unfurls a collection of ballads, fusion-pop songs, theatrical soundscapes and virtuosic prog-rock numbers, lovingly woven together with Ong as the common thread. The final four tracks were culled from her last Xenovibes album for the benefit of those new to her sound.
A mini tour to Knoxville, Asheville, Black Mountain, New Jersey and New York was created to promote the CD for 2013.

A cover of MJ’s Thriller was released in January 2013. In cahoots with BAD & Thriller tour veteran Christopher Currell, this cover will feature the theremin, and along with other treats, be a part of the download version of A Working Title – special edition from

“It’s abundantly clear that Ong has many talents, a gift for sound, and the potential for greatness, simply because her sound is difficult to pin down to any one genre. This is the mark of someone worth listening to, and A Working Title is a fine, if flawed, place to start.” – Benjamin Ray, The Daily Vault Music Reviews.