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  |  20 Mar 2012

New Single – Music Video “Ice Rain”

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Written, performed, recorded, produced by Shueh-li Ong.
Spoken words voiced by Mike Brunt.
Photo & coverart by S Ong.

Press Summary
Australian-born Singapore recording artist tempers the idea of respect in “Ice Rain”. While the lyrics tell of emotional frigidity, in music, theatre and songwriting meet positively-charged in the hands of thereminist Shueh-li Ong

In Detail
When “Ice Rain” goes live, Australian-born Singapore recording artist, Shueh-li Ong’s song about this natural phenomenon, could have sent off a gentle reminder to respect the multi-faceted water of life, and in tolerance, the people we love.
In the lyrics, Shueh-li motions ”hands up” to those who have been locked in a stand-off with the one they love, simply because the other turned emotionally frigid. Where nurturing love once ruled, temper cuts like a knife!

Expect her production staples such as exotic synth lines and plenty of sound design. Shueh-li normally crafts musically meaningful passages for her beloved proximity instrument. This time, elements of theatre and songwriting come together in this electronic-pop song, and the theremin takes the role of sonic energy moving toward a positively charted finale in the story.

VERSE 1 – I stare at the pale blue sky, Shrouded by the still air
I tell you the truth, I try, but you don’t seem to care

CHORUS – The chill ravages my body from the coldness of your voice
The words fall down like ice rain on barren land, Frozen on this hand

VERSE 2 – I stare blindly in your eyes (their) lacking in compassion
This well is almost dry, It’s time to take a break

BRIDGE – The rain is rapidly falling, I want to blink it away
I sense an episode coming, This is not the time to see who plays fair
And when you smile, you’re warm for awhile
Then the unforgiven is unforgotten

END CHORUS – The chill ravages my body from the coldness of your voice
The words fall no more, fall no more; this time you smile for me forever!

SPOKEN – Water is by nature kind, Ice by nature cuts, its vapours burn
And when we crush with scorching words, those we love, We cut and burn them
Tolerance and temperance are virtues of a good heart
Respect the water, respect one another!


Music Video “Ice Rain” –
Background scenes (& those of ice rain) shot by William Stewart in Melbourne Australia, Calgary & Vancouver Canada & San Francisco USA.
Scenes within the animated window frame shot by Shueh-li in Waiheke New Zealand & Nashville USA except for the icicle and peony in the 2nd chorus by Stewart. Pics edited by the respective photographers. Video shot, edited & produced by Shueh-li.