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  |  27 May 2012

New Single – Music Video “My Summertime Dreams”

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Written, performed, recorded, produced by Shueh-li Ong.

Photo & coverart by S Ong.

Press Summary
The world is a generous place, sings Australian-born Singapore recording artist, Shueh-li Ong.
Voice, theremin, a little beat-boxing, summon eclectic memories in Shueh-li’s Summer in Australia, Singapore and America.

In Detail
In celebration of the beauty that surrounds this sunny season, Australian-born Singapore recording artist, Shueh-li Ong, decided to sketch out a simple yet poignant tune. Drawing the voice and theremin in harmony and contrapuntal lines, “My Summertime Dreams” recollects Summer-living in the three countries where she spent much of her life; the Land Down Under, the Lion City and the United States of America.
Numerous tête-à-têtes of Summer spurred her on to selecting a handful of pet reflections to put to song.
 And in case you are still unsure about the seasons in Australia and America, yes, they are reversed, and tropical Singapore (just below the equator) is mostly sunny all year round! Even the skies are different shades of blue, with the air and food just as eclectic!
Summoning cheerful mementos to colour in “My Summertime Dreams”, the song is complete with a smattering of synthesizer work and beat boxing, and a ‘thank you’ note to the people who’ve made her life so rewarding; 
“No matter rain or shine, you’re never too far… The world’s a generous place…”

VERSE 1 – You ask me earnestly, the places I’d rather be, I look into the distance
Some things I must forget but not the taste, the smell, the visions

CHORUS : that are in my memory, I’d rather think of these
In my Summertime Dreams
When morning, noon or night is just a plane flight
No matter where I am, my Summertime Dreams

VERSE 2 : You search me tenderly, for faces of people I’m missing in my life
My idle loneliness is just a temporary high-light
For in my memory, I’d rather think of days you’re in my Summertime dreams

BRIDGE : And beaches Down Under, movies in America, Singapore food craze
These glorious days. And interwoven scent and scenes of Summer vistas in magazines
The taste of strawberries and cream. Exotic names with foreign themes

OUTRO : No matter rain or shine, you’re never too far, the world’s a generous place. No matter noon or night, it’s just a plane flight. No matter where I am, my Summertime Dreams

Music Video “My Summertime Dreams” : Background photos by William Stewart.
Video shot, edited & produced by Shueh-li.
Thanks to those who participated in the ‘vote the lyrics’ contest!