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  |  01 Jan 2013

2013 New Single – Cover of MJ’s “Thriller”

Shueh-li welcomes 2013 with a new website and the release of Michael Jackson cover, Thriller!


“When I first heard Shueh-li Ong’s version of the Michael Jackson song Thriller, I had to listen to it several times because the instrumentation was so diverse and striking, I could not get enough.
I admit that mHYPE logoy personal musical favorite is dancehall and reggae as well as hip hop, so the experience of her music was quite different.

Overall, I am impressed with the musicality of Shueh-li’s music and the production value is out of this world. The nuances of her composition drew me in and I heard something new and magical during each listen.
When one thinks of the care and detail Michael Jackson put into his music and concert performance, any music critic will have a great appreciation for Shueh-li and her meticulous nature in creating and presenting music.
It is refreshing to experience such magic translated into popular music or vice versa!  Shueh-li is definitely now on my radar.” ~  Jerry Doby, Executive Editor. HYPE magazine.


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Press Summary
Shueh-li puts her spin on Michael Jackson’s Thriller with the help of Wembley tour alum; Chris Currell (celebrating the 25th anniversary of BAD).

Arranged and Produced by Shueh-li Ong.
Recorded by Shueh-li Ong, Christopher Currell (synth percussion, guitars), Greg Wells (voiceoer)
Photo & coverart by S Ong.

In Detail
“It was October 2012 and Thriller was playing on the radio. I had just finished a concert and wondering what to work on next. Thriller called out to me, and, my theremin & foley fingers got itchy!
So I got in touch with Chris Currell in Japan to see if he would like to help out. The rest is history!” ~ Shueh-li

Into the arrangement, Shueh-li breathed synthesizers, foley, sound design, vocals and theremin (‘spooky lines’ & more), while Chris added synth percussion and guitar lines.

The Aussie-born Singapore synthesist-producer who relocated to Nashville in 2010, was careful not to disturb the essence of the song when she laid out the structure and stylistic nuances, before handing her arrangement over to Chris. (Chris played synclavier, rhythm arrangement and other parts on the BAD album & Wembley tour).
Former radio DJ, Jeff Bell, stepped into Vincent Price’s shoes.

The single is also available along with download-album-only extras such as video, lyric booklet and pics, come as part of the download version of her latest album A WORKING TITLE-SPECIAL EDITION T.



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