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  |  12 Dec 2014

Happy Holidays!

WISHING EVERYONE HAPPY HOLIDAYS and “Hi” to my new subscribers! I’ve spent 2 months as an Adjunct Professor in Singapore, with 2 to go before I return to the States. I’ll make this post real short and sweet, with a few pictures of my adventures so far!

1. My Diploma in Music & Audio Technology Students at Singapore Polytechnic.
Today was the end of term; midway through semester 2.
We’ve created demos of 4 genres, written lyrics, gone into the recording studio to lay tracks down, analysed one of my songs to cover, jammed, and played through our demos for an upcoming performance on 22 JAN 2015.

sp3   sp1sp2


2. My private theremin lessons via skype and locally while in Singapore.
Pic Top -  Sophie in Singapore.
Pic Bottom -  A scene from my skype session (S’pore & USA).


3. Caught up with several fun people. Some old friends, some new ones!

Pic Top – With Dirk (Head of Music, School of the Arts), Tim (Head of Contemporary Music Tech, LaSalle) & musician David.
Pic Bottom – With Alvin, Founder/Director of The Necessary Stage.

4. My Synthesis and Composition Students.
I covered EM across the Atlantic in the 1950’s, and electronic musical instruments invented prior to WW2. Also looked at the theremin in detail, of course!


sync2_2  sync2_3

School vaca has begun. Stay safe and warm, and be good to the people who care for you.

I’ll see you in 2015!

Pics © S Ong