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  |  26 Aug 2014

Nashville Steinway Show 2014 a Success!

Nashville SCENE Critics’ Pick
2014 and 2012 both shows!!


“Resident theremin queen Shueh-li Ong has returned from a three-month string of solo dates that conclude with a show at Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville. Ong has built thorough theremin cred .. (she) is at the local scene’s forefront sounding the alarm, which in this instance is more like a resonant hum.” ~ For making us your Critics’ Pick, again, thank you Nashville SCENE!


Concert in Nashville
16Aug 2014 7pm

Thank you all for making the show such a memorable one for me. It was a joy to play for all of you and seeing your smiling faces …

I put on a very different show from that of my debut in 2012, at the same venue which was the Steinway Piano Gallery.

I introduced a smidgen of my theatrical past and created 4 scenes that was the one-woman musical travelogue I performed. I shared a little of my adventures  on the east coast; playing for new audiences and accommodating the venues I found myself in.
I also sang my heart out at a beautiful 9′ Steinway while talking about the singer-songwriter experience that I have come to appreciate from Nashville.


I made new friends and fans alike and, the gig cards which I autographed, swiftly disappeared!

I hope to do a self-produced show each year for the fans I have made here in Nashville. With all the traveling I’m about to do, there’ll be plenty to share in 2015!


On the theremin.

I want to thank Steinway Nashville (Brandon Herrenbruck), The Nashville SCENE (Matt Fox), Music World (Yamaha sound system rental), and friends Brad Smith and Ed Oviedo for helping out! And to all who attended, thank YOU for making me feel welcomed in Nashville once more.

Pics : Of Kimberly & Rachel, taken by Kimberly.
Of Shueh-li playing theremin, taken by Glen Weiss. © Shueh-li Ong 2014.