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  |  19 Jun 2014

Spring & Summer events

As the events of 2014 unfold, I am reminded I should put this down in a note to you so you don’t miss a thing!


Upcoming gig in Ithaca
12th July Saturday.
The Switched-On Moog exhibit in Ithaca will be my next stop. With The Electric-Golem opening for me. If you are in town, please come support this event. Admission is free. The exhibit expires in May 2015, but I will only perform for one night!


Gig in Kentucky
On April 22nd I drove to Lexington KY on the way to New Jersey, where I played at Natasha’s Bistro and Bar. Lovely folk, great audience, same with the food!


Gig in Flushing NY
On 14th June, I was invited to the Singapore Writers Salon where I put on a small concert and met a great bunch of Singaporean writers and friends!
I used the in-house stereo system and a borrowed guitar amp!
In my usual self-effacing mode, I stood by to accept the praise delivered by my great friend, Colin Goh, who announces my next gig for me! Wanted to thank Colin ad Yen Yen Woo for being such great hosts.


More to come so check back, ok? Or sign up to be on my mailing list, for I might just be in your neck of the woods!




Other news :

Visit with the Art and Interactive Multimedia folks at TCNJ

18th June.
Caught up with Dr Teresa Nakra (Associate Professor of Music) and student Meghan, who is experimenting with the glove as a performance tool.

We talked about live performance, women in electronic music, ideas for refining the glove, how to approach creating music tech tools, and more.

I also plugged in the Etherwave, played a couple of tunes with Mainstage 2.2.2 providing tracks and effects for the theremin.



Visit with Steinway Paramus NJ

20th June.
Had a great time talking to manager, John Weis about the music biz, the state of classical music education, how to make it big as a classical musician, putting together a professional touring band (selecting your members and laying down the law about proper behaviour). He has led his share of bands and knew exactly what I was talking about.

I also got to play a beautiful Model D Steinway (behind me in pic), so delicate and responsive to my touch! Each Steinway is “tuned” before it leaves the showroom in NY.


When: Saturday, July 12th 2014 at 8:00pm
Where: The History Ctr in Tompkins County (401 E State St) in Shueh-li Ong in Ithaca, United States
Admission: Free
Notes: Part of the “Switched-On Moog” exhibit. Electric Golem will open, Shueh-li (moi) headlines, a jam to finish the evening of music. The History Center’s exhibition “Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer” tells the story of Bob Moog and the development of the groundbreaking electronic instruments bearing his name.

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