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  |  19 Dec 2015

2015 In review, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Steinway Piano Gallery Nashville. My fav place to practice.

Steinway Piano Gallery Nashville. My fav place to practice.

2015 brought surprises; some good and some not so.

First the not so pleasant ones. Three major entities had high hopes for me to perform &/or conduct a workshop, but their budget did not permit.
On my way back from the Moog Birthday Bash in Ithaca NY, a reality-tv producer in Nashville approached me to join a cast of international musos eking out a career in the music city. Unfortunately the contract did not offer job security, and I was advised by my entertainment attorney not to go for it.

Now for the good things!

So I returned to the States on the 27th February, after Adjunct Lecturing in Singapore from October 2014. I spent a month in New Jersey catching up with friends and getting over jet-lag before the 14 hour drive back to Nashville. In this review of 2015, I selected a few interesting events as keepsake. Oh and don’t forget to check into my youtube channel Oceanachine regularly for the latest video offerings 🙂



12 March 2015
Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts, New Jersey USA

I presented my music/work with the theremin, and performed a piece for the students of this class. These students study synthesis and composition.

I’d like to thank Prof. Steven Kemper for the invitation.






12 May 2015
Moog Birthday Bash celebrations at the History Ctr in Tompkins County, Ithaca NY.

Appearances by : Herb Deutsch, Michelle Moog-Koussa, David Borden (Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece), Prof. Trevor Pinch (co-author of “Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer”), Malcolm Cecil (Emmy-winning producer and musician in TONTO’s Expanding Head Band).
Author, Sean Michaels, discussed his award-winning book “Us Conductors,” a fictionalized account of the relationship between Leon Theremin and Clara Rockmore.

I put on a 20 minute performance, after Trevor’s 20 minutes with his duo Electric Golem, and before Malcolm took his turn. We then gathered with all the guests to a jam.


L-R Jam session with Malcolm Cecil, Peter Rothbart, Shueh-li Ong, Trevor Pinch (behind), Herb Deustch.


My 20mins in a program with “legacy Moog artists”. I performend for the 1st time, a theremin piece I had just finished writing, enlisting a midi foot-pedal to toggle between effects (flanging and harmonising).

W/ Herb Deutsch

With Herb Deutsch














15 July 2015

Good friend of Xenovibes USA, John A Martinez, brought his Rhythm Intensive group to participate in SummerNAMM. The trade show for the National Association of Music Merchants, is hosted each July in the Music City.

I was around to help out and to perform on the final day with Chuck Rainey (wrecking crew) on bass, Eric Struthers (Aaron Neville Quartet) on guitar, and John on drums.

Among the musicians who played at the booth were Dale Morris Jr (fiddler) and Foley (former Miles Davis lead bassist); pictured top and below.






June 2015
Gagliarchives celebrates MY BIRTHDAY! Thanks to Tom Gagliardi.






Sept 2014
I discover a mention of me in theGuardian UK/US.
I am under “9. Laboratorio” in the article listing “1,264 genres that make modern music.”

guardian laboratorio





12 Sept 2015
“Shueh-li Presents” another concert at the Steinway Piano Gallery Nashville.
Special guest; Eric Struthers (Aaron Neville Quartet).
I’d like to thank Alan Pavik for coming all the way from Dallas to help video-tape the event, and all my friends in Nashville for supporting me every time I put on a show. I am very fortunate to have you!








Meet Dorothy and Jace Seavers

Meet Dorothy and Jace Seavers



20 September 2015
Meet The Seavers; aka Dorothy and Jace ..
creators of a tv series from their home studio, that airs several times a week on local Nashville Television, the surrounding region and several states across the U.S.A.

I was invited for an interview and in-studio performance.

My segment begins at 17:41 in the youtube clip below.

Dorothy by the way, has taken some theremin lessons from me.
I have high hopes for her!







1 Nov 2015
3RDegree and their end of tour gig.
Good friend and bassist/keyboardist, Rob Pashman (who took the pic on the left), invited me to join them on a song from their upcoming album that I had played theremin on.

The Moog Epro appears on the track , and on stage for this.






John and Chuck, when we caught up in NYC in March 2015

John and Chuck, when we caught up in NYC in March 2015

August 2015
Bass Camp
“What are you doing in a Bass Camp,” you say?
Well, remember good friend of Xenovibes USA, John A Martinez? He and his Rhythm Intensive group partner and world renown bassist, Chuck Rainey had planned to conduct a 3 day camp for bass players, led by Chuck, and supported by a slew of bass players and rhythm section members, all legendary in their own way.
I helped out where I could, then gave a talk/ performance on the last day, before a few of us jammed.


I received a mention in Bass Frontier Magazine, “The staff included Shueh-li Ong, (who by the way gave a masterful demonstration of the theremin synthesizer).”


L-R : Bobby Vega, Chester Thompson, Chuck Rainey, Eric Struthers, Andrew Frye, Shueh-li Ong



Friends – old and new
I also got to reconnect with old friends, and make some new ones.
Too many to list here (a few pics to help), but they appear on my Facebook Artist Page.


Jim Robinson – NJProghouse


Stephen Dydo – NY Guqin Society

Mike Ketchel of MikTek

Mike Kitchell – MikTek mics


Tat Tong - Songwriter (Universal Singapore)

Tat Tong – Songwriter (Universal Singapore)


Gary Loyd & David Kalmusky (co-owner w/ Jonathan Caine of Addiction Sound Studio)











Somehow the year did not seem so crowded with activities, but I guess it just flew by, again.
I’m writing more new material, hoping to achieve an album’s worth by mid 2016 (fingers crossed).

Also working on some new sounds and demo videos for Yamaha. Their Reface DX just arrived today (Friday 18th Dec 2015).
No rest for the wicked. And if that means I’m ‘good’, then I’m going to have a great year end. I’m looking forward to 2016. Hope you are too, and have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Celebrate with care and love! See you in 2016!

Oh and my Music is for Sale if you’re looking to gift something good and original or simply to share. Thank you!!



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