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  |  17 Feb 2015

In review : Singapore 2014-15

A PROSPEROUS YEAR of the GOAT to all – Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Chinese New Year 2015 has arrived. Once celebrations are over I return to the States.


Looking back on hilights of my Singapore stay since my ‘Christmas 2014/Happy Holidays’ post.

1. A-List magazine, Singapore’s definitive arts & culture guide, graciously profiled me. [Feb 6-19 issue]
Link to the hard copy version and the Online version



2i. I got to participate in a Sound Painting event at the steps of SOTA (School of the Arts Singapore).
Led by Tim O’Dwyer (head of music LaSalle College of the Arts Singapore).
2ii. Also participated in the Intonarumori : Orchestra of the Futurist Noise Intoners at the ArtsScience Museum Singapore. Directed by Luciano Chessa. In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and Performa.

Pics, Top Group – Sound Painting [Feb 6]
Pics, Bottom Group – Intonarumori [Feb 12]





3. Caught up with several friends!

Pic Left – Maestro Yeh of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, with member of the Board of Directors, Victor Lye.
Pic Right – Chee Kong Ho, Assoc. Professor/Head of Composition Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore.



4. My Synthesis and Composition, and Production Workshop students at Singapore Polytechnic (Diploma in Music & Audio Technology), where I taught for a semester, bid me farewell. [Oct 31, 2014 to Feb 17, 2015]

Pics 2015 © S Ong


I look forward to plenty more meaningful and rewarding opportunities!