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  |  09 Dec 2018

Recapping 2018 …

Planes, trains, automobiles! 2018 zipped by, and here is what I have to report of the wonderful and musical things that have happened to me.

Nashville TN Aug 4th: For the 6th “Shueh-li Presents in Nashville” at the Steinway Piano Gallery, I was joined on stage by my friend and local space-music pioneer, Tony Gerber, whose use of a sunflower stem flute thrilled the audience.
Our special treat was a trio of high-school friends, Erin, Amsale and Kira, who played an arragenment I made of the theme from Midsomer Murders for euphonium, clarinet, piano and theremin. (FB pictures.)

Durham NC Aug 28 & Chapel Hill NC Aug 29: My 1st gigs in these two cities were attended by a wonderful variety of people who showed their appreciation beyond mere applause. Some even stayed back to discuss my work with me. I was touched and grateful for the interest.
My dear friend, Kristen Collosso, took this phone video at Arcana Durham of MicroTunneling, a new piece I wrote early this year.
And here is video of my improv at Chapel Hill (919Noise) with dear friend, Ted Johnson, utilising a PureData patch that, Micks Spicer (probably my oldest friend!), worked on with me for the theremin.

Rockville MD Nov 24: The weather outside was frightful, but those who bought tickets not only turned up, but clapped so resoundingly in appreciation, my encore seemed to go on infinitely 🙂

Durham NC Nov 28: I had to return to Arcana, and when I did, I was rewarded with an amazing audience. My dear friend, Martin Brossman, took this live stream of the 1st couple of songs leading into my original tunes.

Asheville NC Nov 30: Machines-Local 604 Bottle Shop, is where the synth heads hang out. A great opening set from Mike Johnson, before I did my thing.

Youtube Tracking Oct 14:
Bassist, Brian Mooney and I, got together to record two new movements to my concerto for my Youtube channel.

Hubris w/Tinwhistle was inspired by a gift of an “F” tin whistle from my good friend, Micks Spicer.

MicroTunneling was inspired by a question about microtonal music at a Q&A session post lecture, that I gave on expressive performance in electronic music.