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  |  15 Jul 2019

Moogfest2019, Sweetwater Sound & my eastcoast tour

Welcome to those new to my mailing list and thank you all for your support of my music!
Springtime is when I begin writing new material for my wonderful fans, creating fresh and fun repertoire to perform. Gig-wise, 2019 started off with a request from Arcana Durham NC to play at Moogfest fringe, followed by a performance at Sweetwater Sound IN.

Arcana Durham was brimming with enthusiastic Moogfest-goers and I had a hearty time with the appreciative audience at my show. The awesome bunch of employees as well as visitors to Sweetwater laughed at my jokes and clapped appreciatively, with the db volume of the applause swelling as the crowd grew. Thank you everyone!


“Nice to hear Gerswhin played on the theremin as originally intended … You have a new fan.” ~ Caleb Oliver Lowrey at Sweetwater Sound.

 “Shueh-li Ong kicking some seriously textured, intelligent, emotional originals on theremin, synth, and wind instruments at Moogfest. By herself, she sounds like if Yoko Kanno teamed up with Peter Gabriel to join the Buggles.” ~ Stephen Fortner, reporting on Moogfest2019 for Keyboard Magazine.

“Hearing Shueh-ii for the first time was quite an experience. I had a preconceived notion of what I thought her music might sound like based on her choice of instrumentation, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Melodic, thoughtful and heartfelt music coming from what I had considered up til now to be a ‘novelty instrument’ (Theremin). Wow! She is a master of her chosen instrument.” ~ Bob Bailey, Exec Director, Sweetwater Academy of music and technology.

“You were great and we’ve already gotten a lot of positive feedback from people that attended!” ~ Sweetwater event coordinator, Samantha.

“Shueh-li Ong gave a brilliant & eclectic set on theremin and synth. I really love her theremin playing.” ~ Tom Beckett, attending Moogfest2019.

Moogfest pics by Stephen Fortner and Tom Beckett. Sweetwater Sound pics by Mark Hoffman and Caleb Lowrey. © Shueh-li Ong & respecive owners.