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EtherMusic Fest ’08

26 April 2008 | 10:30pm

Asheville, NC, USA

Xenovibes (led by Shueh-li) headlined the Festival Finale


25 & 26 April 2008

Workshops conducted by Shueh-li


The festival also featured Lydia Kavina, Dorit Chrysler, Carolina Eyck, Randy George, Kevin Kissinger & The Ether Orchestra.


Shueh-li is a Moog-endorsed artist.

Photo credit: Peak Definition

Way to move the crowd at the end of EtherMusicFest!

- D. Hamilton, Musician-engineer for MoogFoundation albums

I enjoyed your set at EtherMusicFest and look forward to more!

- R. Berger, Award-winning Consultant for the design of recording studios & theatre spaces

Shueh-li, it was our honor and pleasure to have both you and John at the event. Wonderful music and great people is always a fun combination. Thanks for working with us and supporting the theremin. You are a great role model for many aspiring thereminists and musicians.

- M. Adams, President, Moog Music
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