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Sonicfreakz  |  03 Sep 2009

“To the place I belong, West Virginia, mountain mama…” sang John Denver, the song that appeared in his 1971 breakout album. (#1)I first got a whiff of this ‘Country Road’ as a kid living in Singapore; Denver wrote fantastical lyrics that espoused all-American living with a tinge of the hippie…
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country music • country music hall of fame • dallas fort-worth • dallas texas • grapevine opry • johnny cash • keith anderson • leAnne Rimes • miranda lambert • nashville • palace theatre • patsy cline •
Sonicfreakz  |  11 Aug 2009

I visit the Roy and Edna Disney theater, an adjunct to CalArts in downtown LA at the corner of W. 2nd St. and S. Hope St. As I wait to the cross at the traffic lights, I gaze upon the swirls of the architectural sails that remind me of the…
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CalArts • California • cross cultural music • David Rosenboom • Edna Disney • experimental music • Gamelan • Herb Alpert School of Music • Lou Reed • new music • REDCAT • Roy Disney • Walt Disney Concert Hall • world music •
Sonicfreakz  |  23 Jul 2009

One of Coca Cola’s most successful advertisements was centred around a group of ethnically-diverse people, perched on a hilltop singing a song by the New Seekers. Entitled I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke, it was Bill Backer’s idea for the beverage to be “a commonality between all peoples,…
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Apple CoreAudio • CCRMA • electronic music • Ge Wang • iPhone • new music • Ocarina • SMULE •
Sonicfreakz  |  30 Nov 2008

It’s most interesting how Midi has taken the world by storm, yet very little is known about this humble but intelligent servant. Born in 1981 to audio/design engineers Dave Smith and Chet Wood, Midi brought the world together by becoming THE universal language for synthesizers and computers to exchange information…
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DAW • electronic music • Midi •

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