Shueh-li Ong's debut solo album (after having written 3 albums under the Xenovibes concept).
Written, recorded and produced in Nashville by Shueh-li Ong.
(CD release concert in August 2012, digital album released Jan 2013).

BONUS ITEMS only with digital album "A WORKING TITLE - special edition T", which includes her cover of MJ's THRILLER, video & other great content.


Shueh-li Ong (theremin, synths, programming/sound design/foley, guqin, piano, tin whistle, voice)
Dean Parks (guitar tracks 8,9,11)
Curtis Randall (bass tracks 8,10)
Tom Brislin (piano track 3)
John A Martinez (drums tracks 8-11)
Mike Brunt (spoken words tracks 5)


Thriller cover :
Christopher Currell (guitar, rhythm programming)
Jeff Bell (voiceover)

It’s abundantly clear that Ong has many talents, a gift for sound, and the potential for greatness, simply because her sound is difficult to pin down to any one genre. This is the mark of someone worth listening to, and A Working Title is a fine, if flawed, place to start.

When I first heard Shueh-li Ong’s version of the Michael Jackson song Thriller, I had to listen to it several times because the instrumentation was so diverse and striking, I could not get enough. I admit that my personal musical favorite is dancehall and reggae as well as hip hop, so the experience of her music was quite different.

Overall, I am impressed with the musicality of Shueh-li’s music and the production value is out of this world. The nuances of her composition drew me in and I heard something new and magical during each listen.

When one thinks of the care and detail Michael Jackson put into his music and concert performance, any music critic will have a great appreciation for Shueh-li and her meticulous nature in creating and presenting music.

It is refreshing to experience such magic translated into popular music or vice versa!  Shueh-li is definitely now on my radar.