from the albumA Working Title T – Special Edition by Shueh-li Ong
A Working Title

Stripping down all grandeur to expose the voice in lyrics of cryptic imagery. A Working Title; the title track of the CD, is simply accompanied by 'bass and rhodes' before luscious strings enter to support the end.

(Released as a single 8 August 2011)


Verse 1 : I take the fall then catch myself
My needs are important too, but so are you
Can’t make up my mind whom to be true
I oscillate between the two, when I think of you.


… Then you notice that you miss me, I’m etched into your mind.


Chorus : Our sentence is delivered

Guilty as charged

Of trying to steal a working title.


Verse 2 : When teardrops fall, I catch my breath

My needs are important too, but so are you
I got to think of happy times

Forgetting that you crossed the line, isn’t such a crime.


… And you wonder why you miss me, each time we say goodbye.