from the albumA Working Title T – Special Edition by Shueh-li Ong
I’m Leaving You A Message

Nashville has inspired me to make my storytelling more colloquial .. less cryptic; to take time to tell a story.

(Released as a single 09 Dec 2010)


Chorus : Interference, you are a bad connection.
Like a droplet in a waterfall, 
Drowning my voice in your noise.


Verse 1 : I sit next to you while you stare at your hand.
I try to talk to you but I’m not getting anywhere.
Something or somebody’s always caught in my way.
I’m leaving you a message “see you one fine day!”


Verse 2 : I try to make polite, our conversation.
About what you’re doing, and the music that you play.
But when the phone rings; you are lost in your own world.
I’m leaving you a message “see you one fine day!”


Bridge : Whenever I’m with you, 
you stare at your phone
Or someone’s on their way
You’ve got to get home.
But whenever I call
I have to ‘leave my number at the tone’!
You tell me that your world revolves around me
Yet whenever I call, 
you’re not on the line for me, I see.