from the albumA Working Title T – Special Edition by Shueh-li Ong
My Summertime Dreams

Each time I am asked about the places I have been to and lived in, I start to reminisce ... In celebration of the beauty that surrounds this sunny season, and good memories, I decided to sketch out a simple yet poignant tune. Drawing the voice & theremin in harmony & contrapuntal lines.

(Released as a single 28 May 2012)


Verse 1 : You ask me earnestly, the places I’d rather be

I look into the distance.
Some things I must forget but not the taste, the smell, the visions.


Chorus : that are in my memory, I’d rather think of these

In my Summertime Dreams.

When morning, noon or night is just a plane flight

No matter where I am, my Summertime dreams.


Verse 2 : You search me tenderly, for faces of people I’m missing in my life

My idle loneliness is just a temporary high-light

For in my memory, I’d rather think of days you’re in my Summertime dreams.


Bridge : And beaches Down Under, movies in America, Singapore food craze.

These glorious days

And interwoven scent and scenes of Summer vistas in magazines
The taste of strawberries and cream
Exotic names with foreign themes
No matter rain or shine, you’re never too far
the world’s a generous place

No matter noon or night, it’s just a plane flight

No matter where I am my Summertime dreams.