from the albumA Working Title T – Special Edition by Shueh-li Ong
Sweet Talker

Sweet Talker was written for the Grapevine Opry's 21st Anniversary and appeared on my Xing Paths album. I had loads of fun emulating slide guitar/fuzz/picked guitar and the fiddle on synth for the CD arrangement. Curtis Randall (LeAnn Rimes) laid down the bass line on the track.


The theremin (with me) appeared for the 1st time at the Opry backed by the Opry band. Sweet Talker is American country meets Australian folk-rock!

Verse 1 : He brushed against me with cases in his hand

Said he was sorry while we waited for his band

Said I was an angel with dimples in my cheek

He was a little boy, not a man!


Chorus : Sweet talker with a rotten rap sheet,
Thanks to his mama he made it this far
Sweet talker, a misguided fact sheet,
He knows which side to butter yet.


Verse 2 : He looked in my eyes through the top of his shades

Said I was precious, he'd quit smokes for my sake

But he was messing around, with one of my friends

He was a little boy, not a man!