Music From Another LandReleased on 22 Oct 2007 by Xenovibes


Shueh-li's sophomore effort writing and recording for Xenovibes!

Produced in Dallas by Shueh-li Ong.


Liner Notes : Music From Another Land assembles more of Shueh-li's style of sung songs and instrumental compositions that bring together classical, ethic, rock and electronica sounds, but this time with a trip into psychedelic rock and latin rhythms.
In this veritable sonic melange; the title track of XV II celebrates diverse musical cultures. XV II also celebrates the spirit of live performance.


Shueh-li Ong (theremin, synths, programming/sound design, guqin, tin whistle, voice)

John A Martinez (drums)

The music shows very eclectic influences (reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Neo-Geo concept) and sounds really progressive. I can listen to it the whole day!

Sophisticated pop that fuses Eastern and Western music influences into a seamless whole that only an exceptional talent can pull off. (It) is more than techno pop flash, more than New Age noodling, and more than music from the Far East; it is not to be missed.

I particularly like the 1st CD, but the 2nd is equally as interesting with high quality production values and the very best creative forces brought together … the studio production is really top notch!

(This) version has something that others I've heard don’t have - a respect for the original tune. it captures the mood without being derivative. Lovers Tears is one of my favorite tunes. No heartbroken female singing to wring your heart but surprisingly, it achieves the same effect. I love it!