from the albumMusic From Another Land by Xenovibes
Music From Another Land

I had created the rhythmic and sonic bed to this electro-ethnic piece that has a carnivale spirit brought alive by John's drumming in the Plena style.


Shueh-li Ong; tin-whistle, synths, voice.

Strange inflections flood my day

Ambivalence in that hazy way

So surreal when the light fills

So still when the dust befalls

I am blinded knowlingly

To recognise your modality

What daylight hasn't shown me

It's the same groove coursing through our veins

Music from another land!


Strange connections flood my day

Indifference is just not my way

So real that you feel

How I thrill when the music sways

My ears not knowingly

Recognise our polarity

What my eyes haven't shown me

We have the same roots coursing through our veins.

Music from another land!


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