from the albumMusic From Another Land by Xenovibes

A piece from my electronic opera "The Timega Theory". Rearranged and modified/produced for this CD. With a tempo that moves between 60bpm and a crazy 120bpm. It is electronica gone trippy, in a good way!


I decided to leave Palindrome stark as a contrast to the other songs on this CD. The essence of the story behind the story; is that everything that goes around, comes around, and that like fashion, life is cyclical...and that if you look back you will see what lies ahead. It makes the study of History that much more entrancing!


Look life from both sides to see, a shadow from of the past in the present light

Do you reach the end just to find it should begin at the start

And why work to change the future and shape the now bygone

When time is merely a palindrome.


Do you see the face of Jekyll in the mirror of Mr Hyde

Tell me are we to be a servant or a savant of one's own life

And why be so fastidious when history books berate all lies

It's just a palindrome, a palindrome.


Tell me Timega the secret you hold

Does eugenics create each new fold

Are you the architect from the start or are we at the helm of control?


Subvert the rules of creation and change the laws of mother time

Break from old tradition to fabricate a new paradigm

Arrogate succession and sound the next in line

It's all a palindrome, a palindrome.


It's hold on our emotions and all of our decisions you'd be surprised

Possessing no shape or form its tenacious rule stands the test of our time

When existence is never odd or even, it's attempts to break away from our minds

It's all a palindrome, just a palindrome.