from the albumShueh-li’s Xenovibes by Xenovibes
Aegri Somnia

I wanted to create 'punk rock' without the traditional 'rock' instruments. I began this piece wanting as little synthesizer treatment as possible. Hence the guqin plays fuzz guitar lines with percussive noises played on its body to add dimension. The theremin appears as string lines.

Aegri Somnia means a sick man's dream. Various idioms and platitudes from Asia and Australia are referenced during a period of a cultural clash in my life.


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust [another bites]

Reflections unspoken with question mark [shatter my mind]

It's not easy to accept 'no', when all roads point to go.


Philistines as sages, more salt than rice [a clever disguise]

Left to my own device, I'd shout goodbye [I can make up my mind]

Please just give me an inkling, why all roads point to 'go'!

Life is an Aegri Somnia


Dust to dust, things must past

Regret what I left behind, oh no

Please dilute my mixed emotions, oh no


He led me, they led each other, she wanted to go [the writing unwinds]

One chapter ends, and another sown [I'm compelled to find]

It's not easy to accept  'no', when all roads pointed 'go'!

Life is an Aegri Somnia