from the albumShueh-li’s Xenovibes by Xenovibes
Timega Theory/Farcical

This song is about my preoccupation with 'time', and began life as the theme song of my electronic opera "The Timega Theory". It ends with a tongue-in-cheek interplay of voices and a little influence from J S Bach.


Guqin; Shueh-li Ong, spoken french-accented words; Joshua Beggs, tin-whistle; Michael Spicer.

What is time but a passing phase

A short story to go our separate ways

What is time but a sad, sad, waste

Lost days of misery and unanswered prayers.


What is time but a passing phrase

Just wax lyrical and be amazed

What is time but a fashionable craze

The alpha and omega of our days.


(spoken English)

A collection of lessons learnt

A tome of malaise

A reason for being

A worn down statue of paste.

(spoken Chinese)

Nothing is difficult on this earth

If your mind is set.