from the albumXing Paths by Xenovibes
Been There Too

I recorded the vocals when I lost my voice due to a bout of flu. Taking the opportunity or misfortune; I took to writing a story using my still recovering coarse voice as the pivot.

The story of an older woman recounting the passing of time from whence her lover shuns her on some whim and fancy.


Guitar; Boo Massey.


And the flowers desert the branches for the Fall of Winter
And my soul is left to pine for the beauty of Spring
Hope for the warmth of the touch of Summer
To bring him a full circle back to me.


Nothing's quite right, nothing's enough for you babe
Something's in spite, when you're not in sight, are still the

The seasons change.


Nothing's seemed fine it wasn't divine for you babe
I was in flight for some things in sight weren't still the same
the seasons change.

So long ago, the trees will grow, My heart won't show
That I've been there too, But I still wait.