from the albumXing Paths by Xenovibes
Fantasy (Caravan of Dreams)

This piece began as a possible theme song for a production. I wanted a vocal melody which did not repeat verse to verse. I introduced a element of mystery ala spy-film to the arrangement and have the voice play ‘hide and seek’ in the way it pans.

With the inimitable Dean Parks on guitar!


Verses : In a flight of fantasy.

On the tail of a moonbeam I step into your world

A silver spoon in my mouth

A morsel of heaven (I taste the place)

You come into my world.


Bridge : Was lulled into a longing for, in my imagination

I'll take the high road, you take the low road


Chorus : In the eye of the beholder (gotta have you now)

Scenes of la dolce vita.

They flit through my hands of wonder

They steal the thunder (steal my thunder no matter how, I wonder)


I caught the wave of fate to see

If my search is truly complete (I wonder).