from the albumXing Paths by Xenovibes
Last Date

To celebrate Valentine's Day 09, Xenovibes released a fan-exclusive free downloadable sneak preview that is to be the love anthem on Xing Paths.


Written by Floyd Cramer, one of the architects of the Nashville Sound, 'Last Date' a piano piece, was performed on a theremin for the first time by me at the Grapevine Opry's 21st Anniversary show on the 15th Nov 2008,  accompanied by the GV Opry Band and John on drums.’
For the album, I decided to contemporise this song 1st by extending the original 2min tune, then create a new angle for the story behind the title. In a hopeful twist to the story of the last date being the beginning of the rest of the couple's lives,  I decided the lyrics would captures this.


Though the Statler Brothers (‘60s quartet) sang a version of this piece, I decided to go with the original instrumental version and made it a theremin song. The theremin is put through phase distortion and played staccato-like (minimal portamento with slight pitch bend) for that bolder, electro-pop feel without it being incongruous with the sheen of the almost smooth jazz/electronica feel.


Recorded & produced by Shueh-li Ong. Lyrics & arrangement by Shueh-li Ong. Drums/spoken voice; John Martinez. Dean Parks on guitar, Curtis Randall (LeAnn Rimes) on bass.


My last date,

But not my last chance (with you),

I can wait,

For you are my last date!


The end of the song quotes from Cervantes;
“Cada uno atiende mas a la pasion que lo que dicta la razon, De
altos espritus es apreciar las cosasaltas"
“We get so caught up in our own passion we lose the sense of
reason. Surrender your will to a Higher power.”