from the albumXing Paths by Xenovibes
Sweet Talker

Sweet Talker was written for the Grapevine Opry's 21st Anniversary when I was invited to perform at this event in 2008. The arrangement that ended up on CD was a challenge for a non 'country artist' like me, but worth the execute; emulation of slide/fuzz/picked guitar/fiddle on synth. I also wanted to showcase the theremin without making it sound 'insipid’. Sweet Talker is American country meets Australian folk-rock!


This song is also featured on my solo debut album "A Working Title - special edition"

Bass; Curtis Randall, drums/perc; John Martinez

Verse 1 : He brushed against me with cases in his hand

Said he was sorry while we waited for his band

Said I was an angel with dimples in my cheek

He was a little boy, not a man!


Chorus : Sweet talker with a rotten rap sheet
Thanks to his mama he made it this far
Sweet talker, a misguided fact sheet
He knows which side to butter yet.


Verse 2 : He looked in my eyes through the top of his shades

Said I was precious, he'd quit smokes for my sake

But he was messing around, with one of my friends

He was a little boy, not a man!